Sally's Stories - A day with Value Blocks

Sally's Stories - A day with Value Blocks

Welcome to the series called Sally's Stories, where we follow Sally's life and see how she's using value blocks and other key components of the New Game!

Sally and her friends are super awesome (though totally fictional). They represent real life ways that these simple but revolutionary concepts can have an impact in our daily lives and in the world. Ok, let's start with the basics!

First, you might be wondering, "What's a value block and why should I care about them?" Easy!

A value block is the most basic way to recognize and record the human value of a segment of human effort or energy given. Put another way, it's represents a tangible way to see the value in actions that are often not being valued.

For example, what's the value of a long walk?

We KNOW that walking has immense value. There are countless studies showing the importance of walking daily for our health and longevity, for reducing our carbon emissions, for engaging with our community (mental health) and more!

And yet, we've not measured the human value that goes INTO walking before, because we haven't had a way to capture that value in a tangible way. There are tangible ways to measure the beneficial output of walking (as noted in the linked studies) but part of the reason people don't take the time to walk in the first place is because it's not an activity we value collectively.

If we're faced with a decision to choose between taking a two mile walk and doing something with a clear 'recognized value' (like working or creating a productive output that can be monetized), most people would choose the latter. Because we are trained to avoid loss or create short-term gains, often even if that means giving up longer-term benefits. That is one of the fatal flaws of the Old Game.

With the provisioning of value blocks, we've solved that! By recording a value block, YOU are declaring the value of that action. As you'll see, by noticing that doing these activities has value, Sally can enjoy the present moment and not feel conflicted that she ‘should’ be doing something else. 

Sally's Day with Value Blocks compared to Steve's day without them

Nothing against Steve, but it's pretty obvious: Life with value blocks is better! They're super easy to do, and help you recognize where you give your valuable human energy. Steve is running on autopilot so he's not making conscious decisions that could improve his life. Value blocks help you be mindful of your choices, so you can choose better and live a happier and healthier life!

Stay tuned for the Sally's next story... where we see how she uses value blocks to cooperate with others on an important project!