Sally's Stories - Minting Gratitude

Sally's Stories - Minting Gratitude

Welcome back to Sally's Stories, a series of posts where we follow Sally's life and see how she's using value blocks, and other key components of the New Game.

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Today's story is extra fun because we get to see Sally MAKE money! Not just 'earn' money or 'receive' money, but literally make a new kind of money that was generated from her human value. We call it Gratitude <G>.

You might be wondering, "how is this possible?". Well, the same underlying concepts that make Bitcoin possible make minting Gratitude possible. Except that the reason WHY it gets created in the first place is different.

Bitcoin gets created when computers use energy to solve very hard math puzzles. And the owner of the computer that wins any particular puzzle, receives a reward in the form of newly minted Bitcoin. Simplified: we're rewarding computers for their energy expended and the value creation for the network. This make pretty logical sense, right?

What if we rewarded humans for their energy expenditure and value generation for the network of humanity? Also seems logical, right? In a limited way, we kind of do this with regular money, BUT there are many many things that people do EVERY DAY that generate immense value for their wellbeing, for others, for their communities, and for the earth. This human energy and value creation goes completely unrecognized and unrewarded, unless it happens to fall into one of the pre-existing categories of 'work' or jobs we've designated as worthy in the Old Game.

Humans are value generators, and we should have a form of currency that reflects that. If we had a generative money supply that was based in human value (not based on debt creation, or on an arbitrary amount of digital coins because someone said so), this would be game changing! We're no longer just moving money around, we're actually MAKING it.

Imagine the positive change we could collectively fund with all this Gratitude!

In addition, Gratitude has other benefits:

  • ensures economic security for everyone, reducing financial stress and enabling people to focus on their unique talents and contributions.
  • promotes the idea of moving from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset, where there is enough for everyone and resources are used sustainably and regeneratively.
  • does not rely on existing entities or governments to 'fund' the changes we need for all of humanity to thrive.
  • allows us to bring visibility and value to many human efforts that have previously been severely undervalued like care work, open source development, and community service projects.

So, let's see Sally mint some Gratitude from her day of value blocks!