Life, the Most Valuable Thing

Life, the Most Valuable Thing

It's easy to arrive at the perception that "life" is in fact, the most valuable thing. Without life, nothing else matters, there is no concept of "value" without it. It's also clear to see that the total value of humanity is made up of each individual life on earth.

There is nothing more valuable than our lives from our human perspective.

So if we can arrive at this shared truth together, then we should be able to build beautiful, sound creations around this deep timeless understanding.

Imagine the life of any 1 person out of the approximate 8 billion people now sharing earth. Our heart tells us that we are all equal, we are all part of life, and we all want to live, thrive, and take care of our shared home, the earth.

Let's now zoom to a single day of a single life. We can envision that any life on earth is made up of a day filled with the energy, vitality, love, and brilliance of being alive! What a gift!

To make things simple, what if we made some easily observable "segments of life" in someone's day. The value of a day of life is composed of each segment of a day!

A beautiful representation of a day might create up to 27 segments of life lived.

One of the most simple shapes to represent each segment of value is a "cube", a "3D block". It's like a container that can represent the energy of a beautiful life lived. If each of these "blocks" is representing the value of life, the most valuable thing, we might as well call them "value blocks". We could also simply represent this concept as a 2D block, like this: 🟪. Simplicity is beautiful! 😍

If we stack up the 3D blocks that a single person could record in a day, we would start to see something like the Rubik's cube emerging. 27 blocks represent a stack of 3D blocks, 3x3x3, 9 blocks in each of 3 layers. We can call this a "perfect cubit" and it can represent a "full day of human life", the most valuable thing in a day.

21 Value Blocks (representing 1 day), max of 27

How fun and simple is that? Without much effort at all, we've discovered a fair and easy way to represent the concept of "all human life" in 2D or 3D form. Take a moment to imagine the art and visuals that could be created if you saw your whole life this way! Mind blown, 🤯 right? As we like to say, "this is the way"!

Can you imagine the "treasures" of life contained inside these "value blocks"? Experiences, love, discoveries, creativity, fascination, stories, and more, the essence of life is precious in each of these moments.

In a world where we recognize deep value in all human life, it would also be really easy for others in someone's life, or even strangers, to look at and "appreciate" the daily life lived, the contributions made to a better world, in each of these value blocks. What a joy to look at the beauty in someone's life and give them appreciation. We can witness and see life in a new way like this, even if we didn't live it along side someone.

For a comparison, we know that people see "value" in something like "gold", and that in fact it is a "store of value" for many. If we see that there is more value in human life than gold, then we can make another logical observation about how to link "human value" to a new kind of "money".

If we've derived "money" from gold, could we not also derive "money" from human value? Perhaps even in a much more fair way than we could ever have with gold? The obvious answer is a resounding "YES".

A fair and sound "money supply" is a requirement of a modern interconnected world, so it is probably inevitable to create a "better money supply" from the most valuable thing on earth, human life. And, as it was demonstrated above, a "value block" makes an outstanding base asset for this new money supply.

Taking it a step further, if each value block 🟩 were to represent a base value of $100, we'd have a very simple & workable system. US Dollars (or equivalent fiat monies) are currently created at the time of issuing more debt. So, we make a better design and create the new money from "value", like gold or bitcoin and be debt free.

To make a better money, we can create a new monetary unit called "Gratitude" and let the new money supply for each "Appreciated Value Block" be 100 Gratitude which goes to the value block creator. It's the creators life lived after all, and this creates a money of the people, by the people, for the people. That sounds so refreshing compared to what we're most used to! 😉

Each person in the world is able to access this new money supply from anywhere in the world, as fairly as any other human.

These simple ideas are the foundation of a new workable money supply and a better economy. And most importantly, they are based on life itself.

If these ideas excite you and you'd like to learn how to "work for humanity" by recording value blocks in your life and being part of generating a new better money supply, please reach out to us.

    • 2 value blocks went into this post, by one people.
    • $200 of base value.
    • Each "Appreciated" value block generates 100 Gratitude
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