A More Human Web

A More Human Web

When you think about the internet and the many tools and apps built on top of it, you'll realize there has always been a lack of human identity on the web. It's so rich in information, but "people" have been an afterthought and the experience of being a person on the web is really lacking.

With a little imagination, some fresh code, and some new architectural choices, we can see how a new "web of people" can be added to the web of information that we already love so much.

What we really asked ourselves, was "why does the web feel non-human"? And we then imagined the simplest way we could imagine to add "people" to the native web.

When we meet someone in real life, we just see them. They have a face that we see and then the first thing we might do is to say "Hi, I'm ____ ". Now they know our face and our name.

It should be this simple on the web. It should be peer to peer (like real life), and it should be minimal first with a chance to know more coming later.

We hope you enjoy exploring just how simple this could be without an "authority" figure. You don't need a "school ID", "gov ID", or "profile" made by a big company or big institution. Those things make us less human and we lose a lot of privacy and autonomy when we use central authorities with permissions.

Let's start fresh, and see how two people could meet on the web & connect in a more kind and human way. Flip through these concept slides ➡️:

Early concepts explore some fun things we'd like to know when we meet people for the first time on the web. It should feel organic. We are people 1st, not "profiles". People are beautifully rich and complex and a better web deserves a more natural way to be a person on the web while keeping your privacy and autonomy intact.