Sally's Stories - Giving in new ways

Sally's Stories - Giving in new ways

Welcome back to Sally's Stories, where we follow the life of Sally and her friends and see how they're using value blocks and other key components of the New Game!

Today we're meeting Samantha, who is Sally's friend and a contributor to Sally's Change Makers Co-lab! (If you need a refresher you can read the Co-lab story here.)

Samantha has always loved giving to projects that make a positive impact in the world, and she especially loves when she can support her friends who are doing great work on important things for the world.

The thing about giving is that it could be so much EASIER and more FUN... just like cooperation! And just like the paradigm blindness we have in human cooperation, we have a similarly limited view of what 'giving' can be. Giving is so much more than just charities and volunteering (those are great options, but we can be more creative).

If you think of some of the best feeling, most generous things you've done they probably include helping people you know, or a project that touched your life or community in a big way. Often, those kinds of projects are operating without a formal entity in place. Even if they are a registered non-profit or cause org, giving can feel impersonal and lacking a reason to stay engaged because givers can't really see what the teams are up to or where exactly the funds are put to use.

So how can we give more easily and have more transparency (and fun) along the way? With Co-labs and Value Blocks of course! And in Samantha's giving story, the newest component we add to the mix is the Gift purse. It's essentially a bitcoin wallet that's designed specifically for giving!

The cool thing about bitcoin is that it's 'programmable money' - meaning that it can be used to do a lot more things automatically than regular money. In the case of the Gift purse, it can be customized by you to have pre-set amounts of money that you like to give away. We call these gift coins. They might be $10 each or even $100, it's up to you and you can change them at any time. In Samantha's case, she likes to give her bitcoin in increments of approximately $10, so she set up her Gifts purse with 150 gift coins that are 10 each.

In the slides, you'll see that Samantha gave 10 gift coins to Sally's Changemakers Co-lab for an equivalent of $100 in bitcoin. Depending on the value blocks that are in the Co-lab at the time she gives, that money might go directly to Sally (as we show in the story) or it might be distributed evenly amongst several people who contributed value blocks that have not been rewarded yet. You get to see to which people and which value blocks your gift went. That's the power of giving in this way!

Imagine the possibilities of how this could be used to fund more important work for the world... what Co-labs would you give money or value blocks to?