New Game vs. Old Game

New Game vs. Old Game

When you think about life for a while, you realize it can easily be thought of as a "Game", and it brings some joy and levity to view it this way.

Around two decades ago, early 2000's, I was still in college and remember having to try my hand at playing the Sims video game on PC. I was mostly curious as it was having a boost of popularity during that time. I had to know, what was it that everyone was so interested in?

After a month or so of trying it out and getting the idea, I did see some of the fun, but I remember a very distinct feeling, why spend my time playing this game when I can just play the "Game of Life"? In the Sims your character would have positive & negative emotions much like people did in real life to things like having enough money (by getting a job), being bored, or the ups and downs of finding a lover.

After this moment, still in my early 20s, I also learned how the the stock market and public companies worked. I started investing and I did get my first big job as an engineer for one of the biggest companies in the world at the time, GE.

I spend the next decade being fascinated with what we're now calling the "Old Game". It is the dominant "World Game" that is often just called "The Economy" or "Capitalism" and most people have the impression that it is just the way things are.

The spoiler of reaching a high level of understanding in this "Old Game" is that you realize it's at the root of almost all major problems that humanity faces. And what you realize next, is that it's surprising that we've made it this far.

But here is a big question: What if we Change the Game?

This seems to bring up a lot more questions:

    • What even makes up the "Old Game"?
    • Who could change it?
    • What would it look like?
    • What would be better than we have today?
    • Who even runs the "Old Game" we all play today?

All of these questions can be answered, and here are some simple answers:

    • The "Old Game" simplified is a complicated game of "poker"
    • YOU can change it, so can all the people of earth
    • It will be a more kind and fair game where everyone can win
    • A game that eliminates poverty and works for everyone would be better
    • People who have concentrated winnings run it, aka "Old Game Winners"

What's maybe most fun to realize is that the "Old Game" can exist while millions and eventually billions of people decide to play a "New Game" layer, one that serves us all better. The New Game can free us from the mandate to only play the Old Game, it gives us more free choice.

So let's take a short look into a really basic and fun 80s themed "Game" comparison to learn about the basic elements of how a "New Game" could work.

If we break things down into simple parts, it makes it easier to look at what has been and see what could be. Take a look at these fun slides and use a little imagination to go beyond where you've gone in your mind before.

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