Every Quest Begins with a Question

Every Quest Begins with a Question

Are we asking the right ones? 

We’re on a Quest. All of us. Individually and collectively, journeys big and small are being lived every single day. 

Today as I sat by a fountain in the autumn California sunshine, a series of questions came to me in a stream of clarity.  And I feel that sharing them will help set a stage, a richer context, for the ideas and concepts to come.  

But first, this is where it’s essential you pause - take 3 deep breaths.  Breathing in, recognize your in breath. Breathing out, recognize your out breath. Repeat 2 more times.  Picture yourself by this perfect, gently flowing fountain.  Feel the warm sun on your face and the crisp fall air.  Let go of any need to filter or restrict your thoughts… this is a magical playground we’re in now. A space where anything you can imagine is possible.  A blank canvas, an empty space waiting to be filled with fresh ideas.

Now, imagine that there are no businesses.  No employers, and no employees.  No entrepreneurs, no consultants, no freelancers, no influencers, no investors, no bankers. There are none of the titles or labels that we are familiar with today. 

There’s simply people. Humans who want to share their value in meaningful ways with other humans. 

And the goal is to make not just our own lives, but our collective experience on earth, better.

Here are the questions to ponder: 

  • With this completely blank slate, in what ways would you want to create value? 
  • When you’ve created some value, how would you most enjoy giving it to others? 
  • How would you like to be appreciated for this value you give? 
  • How would you cooperate with other people? (Ones you genuinely like to create things with.)
  • Would you give your unique value to more than one ‘project’ or valuable effort at a time? 
  • What attributes would a completely new framework for human value creation and giving have?
  • How can we design such a framework that recognizes and rewards our human value fairly? 

I could go on… but you’re getting the theme at this point.  

Did any answers come to you? Did you feel anything from these questions? A spaciousness, a tickle of freedom, a spark of joy?

It’s ok if not.  Maybe your mind got stuck on the very first question - because it’s one we don’t ask ourselves or each other nearly enough.  

We accept ‘what is’ in the world today with way too much certainty. And most of us aren’t taught or encouraged to think about ‘what could be’ outside of the designated boxes we’re told are acceptable. 

There seems to be an invisible veil keeping the status quo of so much of our daily lives off limits from deeper questioning.  Why?

In a world with so much potential, and so many important things that need our attention, these ARE the kinds of questions we need to be asking - and answering.  This is an “all hands on deck” moment for earth.  We need our best human value creation to be building a totally reimagined new ship for humanity - one that will carry us into the next hundreds of years.  Instead, we’re critiquing the buckets we’re bailing water with and making incremental improvements to things that won’t matter in 5 or 10 years. 

On our shared quest for humanity to thrive, the questions above are the level at which we need to be innovating. We don’t need fancier, more innovative buckets. We need to a new ship.  There’s no going back, only forward. And the future that so many of us want is only possible if we embrace this quest fully. 

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