Photo by Andrey Metelev / Unsplash

As we conceptualize and built what we're calling the "New Game" Economy, we often are using slides to create and communicate early concepts with others. We've decided to embed a live and growing list of our slide decks here.

Many of these concepts will lead to more complete blog posts, but until we get to writing those posts, these decks will give you the ability to explore and preview the open ideas that are coming from our efforts.

We will keep this list in a reverse chronological order, so if you come back to this page, you'll see the latest concepts at the top. DO scroll down if you want to explore all the gems 💎 .

"Liquid" money flows like water to Value Blocks

A core concept we're working on is how "liquid money" like bitcoin and gratitude will flow to value blocks. Value blocks are often shown as 3D cubes and we'll fill them from a sphere of what looks like liquid water to represent liquid value flow.

You can see an early preview of how the 3D value blocks will be created with HTML, CSS, and JS here:

See the Pen Grid of 3D Cubes by Bob (@mullojo-the-bashful) on CodePen.